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When we feel lost, stuck, or out of control, therapy helps us unlock unconscious assumptions or "blocks" and gives us the emotional awareness we need to make change. My goal is to help you work through your pains and dilemmas so you can find vitality and purpose in your work, love, and family life.


I provide individual, family, and group therapy. While medications are always an option, I specialize in talk therapy treatments that result in minimal to no medication.


Using a psychoanalytically based, emotionally focused approach, I help you experience and understand your reactions to the extent you would like at the pace you prefer. This collaborative process provides the chance for you to identify and address aspects of who you are so you can improve your relationships and enjoy fulfillment in both your work and home lives.


I provide psychiatric consultation and supervision to fellow clinicians interested in psychodynamic therapy and/or addressing family dynamics.  

Dong M.D. 


Brown University Program in Liberal Medical Education - MD '85, English & Biology B.A. '81

UCLA Neuropsychiatric Program in Psychiatry '89 - Outpatient Chief Resident 


Stanford University Adjunct Clinical Faculty

American Psychiatric Association Fellow

American Board of Psychology and Neurology, Adult Psychiatry 



My personalized treatment plans include individual therapy or a combination of individual, group, couples and family therapy.  

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Groups co-lead with Christopher Capelle, M.D.

In therapy, we can focus on:
parenting challenges, marriage/partnership counseling, family dynamics, navigating life transitions, dealing with grief, finding happiness, aging

*you must be aged 16 or older for individual therapy

Living with Depression & Anxiety for adults

Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:20 pm

limited space available



Landline:  (650) 600 8863

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